Following the Call of God

Josh and Audra Matthews

Our Calling
We strive to follow God's call on our lives regardless of the cost. We have a passion for sharing the love of Christ.
Since the day that we began dating, we have known that we were called to become full time missionaries. Although we do not know what our future holds, God has given us a passion specifically for church planting. We have a strong feeling that eventually this calling will lead us overseas to serve the persecuted church, but we are trusting God to open every door and show us where we should be.
God has recently called us to serve full time at a new church in Troy, Alabama. We will be serving alongside of Dr. Al Baker as we work on establishing this new church and serving the Troy community.
Here is the link to our church.
Josh and Audra met at the orientation for their school, Southeastern University. They quickly became best friends and got married in the summer of 2015. 

Josh grew up in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Florida. He spent four years serving in the United States Marine Corps, and is now studying at Southeastern University to obtain a B.S. in Ministerial Leadership which will be completed in 2017. 

Audra was born and raised in Florida and attended the same Christian school for 12 years. She was active in band, the swim team, and archery while growing up. Audra is working towards earning a B.S. in Professional writing. She hopes to use this degree both in ministry and to help teenagers find a passion for reading and writing. 

Josh and Audra are called into full time ministry and are currently working to grow a new church in Troy, Alabama.